Last Update: March 18, 2021

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Best Massage MT-T1-Black – Best overall

Best Massage MT-T1-Black is characterized by a super easy to set up design. You can easily set up this massage table without using any tools as you only need to fold it out, which takes just a few minutes. The massage table has a 2-inch-thick sponge, give you a soft and comfortable experience. The massage table made of highest quality beech, reinforced hardwood corner blocks for superior strength to enable up to 450lbs on the spa table.

This massage equipment of the brand best massage tables has a 73-inch length, 28-inch width, and 33-inch height so that you can lie on it comfortably without feeling lack of space. To save the storage space as well as support easy transportation, the portable folding massage table can be duo-folded to reduce size. To make this best massage tables as solid as possible, it is made with hard beech wood frame. Also, it has some hardwood blocks to reinforce the corners and provide superior strength.
Its surface is padded with 2 inches of foam in high density to deliver soothing touch and support to your entire body and improve the overall massage experience. With the inclusion of the height adjustment knob, you can easily adjust the height of this massage table from 24 to 33 inches. The simple height adjustment method is convenient for the masseur to work better with spa bed.
The massage table easy to move around if you're a traveling esthetician or massage professional. This massage table about 29lbs. Portable massage table includes a durable carrying case. This massage table has a soft and luxurious leather that besides being resistant to oil and water is also easy to clean for simple maintenance. Besides, the external of the foam padding is also further upholstered by PVC leather fabric, which is suitable and best to the skin of users.
The flexible headrest of this professional portable folding massage table is customizable (either tighten or loosen) to always ensure the ultimate pillow for your neck and face when you lie on your stomach for facial spa on the table. Some extra massage tools include a hand pallet in front of the headrest, deluxe adjustable and removable side arms support, and a carrying bag. In spite of the advertisement on four firm hardwood legs and sturdy aluminum frames, this portable massage table black is merely capable of holding the maximum weight of around 200 pounds instead of 450 pounds like aluminum portable massage tables.

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  • Super easy set up
  • Sturdy hardwood frame
  • Sufficient construction
  • Simple height adjustment
  • Soft, comfortable and strong
  • Soft and easy clean cover
  • Ultra-light and foldable
  • Thick cushion
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Excellence in detail processing
  • Cannot withstand high weight well

  • Earthlite 67666PKG – Best Portable Massage Table Brand

    massage tables

    Earthlite is one of the most reputable massage table brands, and they have been in the business for over 3 decades now (since 1987). Hence, if you want a portable massage table from a brand that you can trust, their earth lite 67666PKG is a good buy. Despite the compactness, the Earthlite 67666PKG can be considered an all-in-one product since it offers users all the necessary functions. Table, patented deluxe adjustable face cradle with proprietary cloud fill poly-gel blend face cradle pillow and durable nylon carry case. Table folds easily and transports easily in its rugged nylon carry case, weighs 38lbs. This best massage tables features a fabulous double-layer cushioning and the table coverings are made of the nature soft fabric. Its surface is incredibly soft, comfortable, and long-lasting.
    The table is constructed with a robust wooden frame and stable feet to maintain balance and firmness no matter how much pressure or weight users set on it. This massage table is designed for superior comfort as it has a full size bed that will fit anyone, and it can also hold relatively more weight as it has a 600-pound capacity. To make it even more comfortable, it has a 2.5-inch foam and a soft fabric upholstery.
    The massage table will come as an all-in-one models with everything you need including a carry case. And with the patented face cradle, you can be sure that your client will always be perfectly positioned for maximum comfort. This upholstered bed is 30 x 73 inches and can endure up to 800 pounds in weight. Thus, people of any size can also fit it well. Some table accessories we love about this product is its full-length piano hinge, grippy knob, and face cradle cushioning. Usually, this is a plain design yet equipped with full of essential features.
    Most commonly, like other portable massage table packages of this brand like Earthlite harmony dx portable massage, Earthlite harmony, Earthlite harmony dx, Earthlite Avalon, this product comes with the CE Mark, a 3-year warranty on the upholstery and foam, and a lifetime warranty on frame and construction.

    • High-quality table from a top brand
    • Soft and supple upholstery
    • Incredibly light weight
    • Super comfortable face cradle
    • All in one massage table
    • Comes compete with everything you need
    • Durable construction
    • Lifetime warranty on frame and construction
    • 3-year warranty on the upholstery and foam
    • Stable non-slip feet
    • Full of important quality
    • Headrest is a little hard
    • Lousy operation

    Master Massage 28281- High capacity best massage tables

    Massage Chairs

    The first thing we need to tell you is that the Master Massage 28281 is a premium all inclusive portable massage table. In addition, if you do not have sufficient affordability, you can hardly enjoy the amazing quality of this lightweight portable massage table.
    With the capacity to hold up to 750 pounds, the Master Massage 28281 can hold any adult out there. This super high capacity stems from the aircraft-grade steel cables that can support up to 1,000 pounds. To make this massage table as comfortable as possible, it will include a relatively thicker 3-inch foam and a comfortable upholstery that comes with a 5-year warranty to give you some assurances that it will last.
    The type of foam used to craft to pillow the professional massage tables is the non-flammable, multi-layer tiny-cell foam. Specially, the Santana 3-inch pillow holds a good balance between thickness and foam to deliver the most useful combination of comfort and support. There are also some attractive hardwood legs on the massage table, which besides looking prettier will also provide adequate support for the table. And this tables comes complete with all the accessories that you will need including a fully padded armrest and 4-pocket carry case.
    The lower layer of the premium portable massage table is reinforced with firmer foam to while the middle layer supplies resilient support to contour your body and the top layer is Memory Foam for optimal comfort. However, the most impressive breakthrough is a supportive benefits for therapists and foot massagers since most manufacturers only focus on the comfort massage experience of those massaged. With this innovative table, massage therapists can extend their knees under the table easily while massaging the head and shoulder section of clients without any back pain during massage sessions.

    • Higher weight capacity
    • Different 3-layer memory foam
    • Thicker and more comfortable pillow
    • Strong steel cables
    • Smooth-looking and stable hardwood legs
    • Reiki endplates for both sides
    • Oil and waterproof
    • 2-in-1 massage table with carrying case
    • Comes complete with accessories
    • Withstand extremely high weight
    • Little bit expensive
    • Loose face rest
    • A bit heavy
    Uenjoy Folding Massage Table – Best budget portable massage Table
    Uenjoy Folding Massage Table – Best budget portable massage Table

    Uenjoy makes this portable massage table for those who like more affordable shopping, as it is our cheapest option. Besides being highly affordable, it is also well built with a reinforced hardwood frame.

    Also, there is an adjustable face cradle to help different users and massage positions. With the high-quality PVC cover, you can be sure that no oil or water will pass through and damage the foam. These Uenjoy light massage tables have a reinforced hardwood frame, which is claimed to endure the maximum weight of 500 pounds, which besides being highly impressive for a budget model also means it can accommodate most adults. This is not minor to stationary massage tables.
    Nonetheless, this pro portable massage table is a bit narrow and not as sturdy as advertised, it just accommodates people who are around 250 pounds. Well, this is still not too bad for the majority of users. However the low price, the massage table comes with great cushioning from a 2.75-inch thick layer of high-density foam, which is also overlaid by pvc leather padding to enhance comfort and smoothness. Feel free to massage your customers with any massage therapy (both cold therapy with normal stone massage and even hot therapy with hot stone that may make them pour sweat after a massage).
    You can also use massage supply such as massage creams, massage gel, massage lotion, or massage oils like bon vital. Both the foam and the padding are resistant to oil and water. Overall, this is an easy massage table to set up as the headrest, armrest and arm sling are removable. And with the nice carry case, you can also easily carry it around. Although at 1.57 inches the foam is relatively thinner, the good way is that it is still quite comfortable as it is high density foam.

    • More affordable
    • Strong wooden frame
    • Oil and water-proof cover
    • Easy to set up
    • Come with a nylon carry
    • Armrest and face cradle are customizable
    • Sturdy and Comfortable
    • Made with high quality materials
    • Free parts replacement service for 1 year
    • Relatively thinner foam

    Whether you are shopping for the lightest portable massage table or the sturdiest in the market, there is something for you on our list. All of the lightweight portable massage tables above are amazing products for massaging. Although, in our opinion, the Best Massage MT-T1-Black portable table is the best lightweight massage table for generic use as it is cheap, fits most customers, versatile, and comfortable. If you want to spend extra to enjoy high-end models or tend to serve very heavy clients, look for other choices that we recommended above.

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