Last Update: March 18, 2021

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Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier

Whether you live in a smoggy urban area or one that’s prone to seasonal wildfires, ensuring clean air in your home is critical. A quality air purifier can cut back on circulating dust and polluted air, while also trapping and eliminating bad odors.

blueair blue pure air purifier

With the blueair blue pure 211+ True HEPA air purifier, you can rest easy knowing you no longer have poor indoor air quality. This smaller-scale air filtration unit cleans the air in mid-large size rooms up to 540 sq. ft. This includes relief from asthma symptoms, seasonal allergies, pet dander, dust mites, and mold. The air purification unit is equipped with HEPA multi-stage filtration, and also comes with a high clean air delivery rate rating. This compact design will fit stylishly into any space. The blueair blue pure 211 air purifier by markets itself as a good-looking, well-designed air purifier that removes common airborne pollutants, including allergens, odors, smoke, mold spores, and dust mites. One of its big selling points is the ability to accommodate open floor plans, high ceilings, and other large spaces while still being energy-efficient.

Blueair blue pure 211+ setup

This is a simple machine, and the setup was incredibly easy. Plug it in, and it’s ready to go. Make sure to leave at least four inches of clear space on all sides of the air purifier so it can function correctly. One thing worth noting is how straightforward and user-friendly the blue pure 211+ is. There's no Bluetooth connectivity, no app you have to install just one big button. Push it once for low speed, again for medium, a third time for high, and a fourth time to turn it off. It's the most instinctual air purifier.

Blueair blue pure 211+ air filtration

When compared with cheaper, lower-quality air purifiers, it’s easy to see why blueair’s blue pure 211+ is an upgrade. We’ve had air filters in the past that didn’t seem like they were doing anything, but this unit had a visible effect on the air we were breathing.


We endured the brunt of the 2020 west coast wildfire season with the blue pure 211+ in our home, and we found that it did a good job keeping the indoor air breathable. In comparison to the years when we had no air filtration system to speak of, it was impressive. With this unit, we felt better upon waking up and continued to feel better throughout the day. We found that it also helped get rid of the chronic cough and headaches that usually persist during the fire season.


In a house with old, high-pile carpets that collect dust no matter how often it's vacuumed, we found the blue pure 211+ to be an effective solution. After the first couple of weeks of use, the outer cloth filter on the blue air had already collected a visible layer of dust. While severe allergy-sufferers were still occasionally sneezing from dust irritation, it happened much less often than before the blue air was added to the home.


For odors, the blueair blue pure 211+ was great it made even large rooms smell neutral. After running it on high for a while, we did notice a slight charcoal scent, but nothing too intense.

  • Three stage filtration system
  • It combines a fabric pre-filter with a polypropylene particle filter and an activated carbon filter to trap 99 percent of airborne pollutants, odors, VOCs, and more.

  • Simple One-Button Control
  • The goal was to create a user-friendly air purifier; the control panel features a single button for adjusting fan speed and knowing when it’s time to replace the filter.

  • 360-degree air Intake
  • The honeycomb-pattern, 360-degree air intake located below the fabric pre-filter draws in air from all directions and corners of the room for maximum efficiency.

  • 540-Square-Foot Coverage
  • With a coverage area of 540 square feet, this air purifier is perfect for large or medium-sized rooms, where it can purify air at a rate of five air changes per hour.

Blueair blue pure 211+ Review: An honest and unbiased look

Blueair blue pure 211+ Review: An honest and unbiased look
Is blue air pure 211+ the best air purifier for you?

The blue pure 211+ is a member of the blue family of high-performance air purifiers from an established Swedish brand the blue air, known for superior performance, low-noise operation, and the stunning Scandinavian design, with simplicity at its core.

Unboxing the blue pure 211+: Design and first Impressions>

It’s hard not to love the design of the blue pure 211+ and the aesthetic appeal of its sleek, rounded square shape. It looks a whole lot like the blue pure 121 but smaller.

Granted, at 20 inches tall and with a width of 13 inches it is not tiny, but it’s not a space-hogging air purifier, either. Plus, it weighs 13 pounds, so it’s surprisingly portable, considering its coverage and performance levels. The fabric that wraps around the air purifiers honeycomb-pattern housing serves as a cover and is available in many different colors. It allows you to customize the unit’s appearance to match your home, and more importantly, plays a key role in its performance.
The colored fabric serves as a washable pre-filter that traps larger particles before the air moves further into the large, 360-degree intake that sits beneath, drawing air from all sides. And to those wondering where all the controls are there are none. The blue air pure 211+ does not sport any extra features or advanced functions. Rather, this air purifier adopts a one-button operation, keeping things as simple and straightforward as possible

Putting the blue pure 211+ to Work: Performance

With a full-circle air intake, it’s perfectly capable of sucking in pollutant-laden air from all corners of the room but this wouldn’t mean much without the equally powerful three-stage filtration system.

Once the air passes the fabric pre-filter and the large particles are removed, it goes on to the proprietary polypropylene particle filter. Eventually, the activated carbon filter takes care of smoke, odors, and VOCs. It doesn’t use a true HEPA filter, but the three filtration stages do eliminate up to 99 percent of common household pollutants, leaving virtually no particles or odors behind. It also boasts three fan speed settings adjustable using the single button on the front of the air purifier and the ability to perform five air changes per hour in rooms of up to 540 square feet.

Blueair blue pure 211+ effectiveness

We found blue air’s opinion that the machine could clean the air in a large room quickly to be true. During wildfire season, we ran it constantly, and we were continually impressed by the machine’s ability to clean large spaces in under an hour and keep these spaces clean throughout the day.

Blueair Blue Pure 211+ noise

When we read the manufacturer's claim that the blueair blue pure 211+ was no louder than rainfall, we were doubtful but we were impressed by how quiet this machine is. We were able to run it on low during virtual meetings and phone calls with no issues. No matter your tolerance for background noise, the medium mode should be fine for sleeping and watching Netflix. The high mode has a noticeable whirr, but it's useful on days when the air quality is particularly bad.


During our testing, the blue Pure 211+ performed as we'd expect it would. Even on the highest setting, the unit was pretty quiet and filtered out smoke, odors, and dust without any problem. When it came to large spaces, the 211+ performed exceedingly well and had a noticeable effect on our testing room in a matter of hours. It's easy to clean, and replacement filters aren't too expensive.

  • Three-stage filtration removes household pollutants and odors
  • Washable fabric pre-filter in multiple colors
  • 360-degree air intake
  • One-button operation with a filter replacement indicator
  • Low energy consumption
  • Three different fan speed settings
  • Stays relatively noiseless
  • Bright ON button disturb sleepers during the night

  • Is blue air pure 211+ the best air purifier for you?

    If you live in a large, mostly open space (like an open floor plan apartment or a high-ceilinged house), the blueair blue pure 211+ is a solid bet for making sure all that air gets filtered. It's a reasonably attractive, energy-efficient air purifier that will do what you need it to at a price that won't break your budget. We especially recommend this air purifier to those who live in areas prone to wildfires or urban smog, or in homes that tend to collect dust. I think that it’s pretty clear from this blue air pure 211+ review that this air purifier covers all the requirements, despite its compact frame and lack of bells and whistles.


    It features user-friendly control, three-stage filtration, a 360-degree air intake, a 540-square-foot coverage, and relatively quiet operation, too. In addition, changing its appearance is as easy as swapping the fabric pre-filter. Don’t settle for a second-rate air purifier, highly efficient and easy-to-use, the blue pure 211+ is a clear choice for any household.

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