Last Update: March 18, 2021

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Cell phone or a smart phone is an important basic need and requirement of the modern life style. It’s a modern portable communication device. Now a day everyone have the smart phones including teenage, adults, and senior to keep yourself in touch with you friends and loved once.
Speaking of seniors finding the cell phone for seniors is a bit of tricky because we are the modern generation. If we compare the cell phone from 1980 to modern smart phone we will see that we are in entirely in different technologies era. So using the modern smart phone for someone who was born somewhere in 19’s can be a little difficult task. But no need to worry we do not leave our elders behind we have the best smart phone for seniors with some easy and important feature that we are going to discuss in this article.

Motorola E5 cell phone for seniors

This is the best cell phone for elderly people with Android OS (Operating System) in it with wide-screen of 5.7’’ and pixel quality 720 x 1440 for detailed display. The LCD screen panel with a ratio of 18:9 provides seniors with bigger font size and more content on a page for more visibility and broad view. Thus, the senior people will not find it hard to read texts on the screen.

cell phones for seniors

It is the tough piece of hardware with the following specification
  • Internal storage: 16GB
  • Micro-SD card: Also have SD card compatibility to increase the storage.
  • LCD Display: 5.7’’ (5.7 inches)
  • Pixel or display Quality: 720 x 1440
  • Battery capacity: 400 mAh

It also has the good quality front and rear camera front is 5MP and rear camera is 8MP. So Grandpa can catch the memorable moments of their grandchildren.

Senior People’s requirements

Today’s smarts phones have the thousands of a different options and setting that the senior peoples don’t like they only prefer the main functionality of the cell phone like the making calls delivering massages taking picture and some of the senior people like to listen the radio on their phone they don’t know how to download the videos from the internet or how to use the YouTube.
So, we provide the basic functionality of the cell phone and large display so that they can easily operate their phones without any difficulty.

Why these types of phones are best for senior peoples?

These types of phone are the best for the seniors mainly because of the following features:

  • Easy to open apps with simple gestures
  • All-day 4000 mAh batteryr
  • Big display
  • Rear and front cameras with exceptional quality

Jitterbug phone for seniors (touch pad):

Jitterbug is one of the famous manufacturers in smart phone plans for seniors. And the Jitterbug Smart 2 is the marvelous combination of a senior-oriented design with modern technology. The key feature of the jitterbug phone for seniors is that it’s the simplest smartphone which provides phone features an innovative single-listed menu with large icons, and text so, you can read and click on them easily. The listing menu makes it straightforward for seniors to access apps and functions of this best Verizon phone.

cell phones for seniors

Features of Jitterbug phone for seniors:

Jitterbug also providing the user experience with a voice-to-text system (something like Google voice assistance) to make texting with this phone available for seniors with sight problems. Or most of the seniors the typing keyboard in the phone is always small so, they can speak to the phone and check the message on the screen. And some of these incredible features are below:

  • LCD Display: 5.5’’ (5.5 inches)
  • Pixel or display Quality: 1280 x 720
Why jitterbug is best:

They are best because:

  • Perfect listing menu with large icons
  • Speech assistance integrated system.
  • 5-star review in health and safety service
  • The GreatCall Link App for family access (pretty good one

The best Verizon phone is one of its kind so that is why it’s kind of really popular among seniorss. In the above article we yet only discuss the ‘smart phone’ for elder people. Now we are going to discuss the buttons pad phones also knows as ‘type pad’ phone. These types of cell phone do not have the touch pad screen you can’t operate it with your finger as you do in touch pad phones you have to access the function using the manual typing pad.

Verizon phone for seniors (type pad):

Verizon phone for seniors (type pad):

Kyocera DuraXV LTE E4610 verizon phone is the most reliable flip phone. It is a perfect choice for seniors who are craving for a durable Verizon phone with all basic major functions like (calling, texting, alarm and radio, etc.). If we talk about design, it has a great, rock-solid outlook with a matte black case that’s right classic one. On the front, you can find a 1-inch display notification screen, which will show you the time, battery life, and signal information. This convenient screen also shows you the name of incoming calls in a clear, and big enough text font. You can do all this one small screen, so you don’t even have to flip you phone every time.

Why Kyocera DuraXV is best:

The one of the great features of the phone it allows you to talk, and text with your family and friends smoothly on button pad screen, even in weak-signal conditions. It also benefits seniors with a front speaker for enhanced voice quality and loudness for the person with hearing problem. One of the outstanding feature of this cell phone on the market is the incredible waterproof system. It has all the ports covered by removable rubber plugs. Although this is an old way to waterproof electronic devices, but the result is satisfactory. Some quality features of these types of phone are given below:

  • Unique flip design with a small notifications display screen on the front
  • High quality loud and clear integrated speakers
  • Completely water resistance.
  • Having a classical keyboard

It has a little disadvantage that it feels bulky for a pocket, and it has the camera but the quality of the camera is not really good just satisfactory.

LG Accolade VX5600 Phone

The last one but not the least an LG basic phone that can meet your demand for a simple phone with standard function for senior’s peoples. The one of the biggest advantage of this phone is that with the LG VX5600 phone, you don’t need to worry about charging your phone battery every night. It has a good quality Lithium battery that can last up to 75 hours of talk time and 670 hours in standby mode THAT IS CRAZY! It’s like you can keep your head in game for a week almost without even charge your phone.

Why LG VX5600 is best for?
cell phones for seniors

The most noticeable and incredible feature of this basic phone is the sound quality. It is built-in an integrated filtering system to minimize the background sounds for a clear and smooth voice. Moreover, the output speaker is relatively loud for those who are hard of hearing and do an excellent job of alarming. So it is the best device for the people with the hearing problem. Following are the great features of that phone:

  • Less wait easy to carry around.
  • Enough contact storage
  • Easy type pad
  • Longest battery life

This model has a minor disadvantage that it doesn’t have any media player in it. And have a little low storage capacity.


Now in the final we are going to discuss the people trends about these kinds of mobile phones for the elder. Elder people usually fed-up when they have to use dozens of different apps and complicated interface. We did a survey to observe the people interest about these products. We receive pretty good reviews like:
“These phones are perfect for what I am looking for.”
“It’s amazing with Wi-Fi connectivity.”
“Its great deal every person above 60 must have one of these”
There are many other reviews about these phones which highly indicate that elderly peoples are really into those products because of their feature large display and big font size.


The moment we are waiting for is arrived that either we buy these phone or not. We will say it’s all depend upon your needs. Some people who change their self-according to the modern requirement. Out their lots of old age people who are using the modern smart phone, because they can handle it and can use there feature easily. It’s all about what you are looking for yourself if you’re not like modern technology and want a simple life without dealing with complication then this phone are only and only for you. So, get a one of these and stay connected with your family, buddies and capture the beautiful moments of your life.

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