Last Update: March 18, 2021

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Dyson V8 Animal vs Absolute Review and Comparison

Vacuum cleaner is the essential part of the modern life style every house defiantly have one of these. It’s getting famous day by day due to its extraordinary features and it is so easy to use it has multiple settings and lengths. In this todays article we are going to compare the two great vacuum cleaner of Dyson the Dyson V8 animal and Dyson V8 absolute. After the long time research the V8 vacuum is designed it is the best for the people who have the back pain problem. Other than that we also have the many reasons to prefer V8 even to some of the more expensive models of the vacuum cleaners available in market. Now we just look into the dyson v8 absolute vs animal comparison.

Animal vs Absolute dyson V8: Power Comparison

Now we are going to start form the pros the Dyson V8 model still stands the test of time when it comes to power. We tested pressure and air flow at different places on the vacuum in both its low and high power modes. As a result, it’s still more powerful than most of other lg cordzero stick vacuum we have tested, it many times, it has just a tiny bit more power than the V7. Now let’s go through some similarities of these vacuums

dyson v8 absolute vs animal

Dyson v8 absolute vs animal Similarities

The V8 Animal and V8 Absolute are structurally the same vacuum cleaner. While they come with a different set of tools and accessories, but they both use the same V8 technology. Here are the key features common to both vacuum cleaners:

Machine Filtration System:

V8 Dyson’s vacuum comes with “whole machine filtration.” This works by spinning air within two tiers of cyclones to remove dust, dirt and other partials. There’s also a post-motor filter feature to catch particles down to 0.3 microns in size. Interestingly, both the Absolute and Animal dyson have exactly the same filtration system, but this is not the same case as V6.

Direct Clean Head:

The one of the amazing comfortable feature of V8 series is its direct-drive cleaner head. Both the Animal and Absolute have a version of V8 that’s 150% times more powerful than the standard V6 series, so it can go deep into carpets to remove more dirt.

V8 Motors:

AS it is clear from model name the dyson v8 model that it have the V8 motor it’s the most powerful yet when put into maximum power mode all V8 models use this motor. It is the strongest vacuum until the v10 came along.

Battery Life:

The major update in V8 has over the V6 is the increased battery life. Dyson uses a new upgrade battery that provides up to 40-minutes run-time. This drops to 25-minutes when using the motorized floor head, but is still stay longer with you than the V6.

Power Mods:

Most of the old vacuum cleaners do not have this feature when you need extra suction, both the Absolute and Animal with v8 technology have a max power mode. This can reduce the battery timing of your vacuum, but that feature will be handy for getting rid of stubborn dirt in carpets or the corners. Some peoples also know this feature as the ‘Turbo Mod’.

Handheld Feature:

The great feature of the dyson series is that vacuums is that they can easily convert into a handheld mode. This is great for cleaning tricky and difficult areas like stairs, corners and cars.

Hygienic Ejector:

To remove the dirt from the compartment the V8 use the new technique to empty the dirt system. It does not use the earth natural gravity to get rid of dust and dirt from the canister, debris is pushed out so you’re less likely to need to do manual work. It also known by the name of the hygienic dirt ejector.


Dyson provide the storage facility in V8 cordless series. This is useful for the vacuum and its accessories, as well as a charging port. Like a little pocket

Dust Capacity:

The one of the main common feature of the dyson V8 animal and absolute is that they have the same dirt storing capacity which is 0.45 liter we know it’s a little low that is why you have to clean it on the regular basics.

Dyson v8 absolute vs animal Difference:

dyson v8 absolute vs animal
Dyson v8 absolute vs animal Difference

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Now the question is rise if the v8 technology is the same then what makes these two versions different? Let’s match the dyson absolute vs animal and see whether there are any differences

Major difference:

One of the major difference between the V8 Absolute and Animal is the Animal model doesn’t come with the “Fluffy” soft roller cleaner head, while on the other side the absolute does include it along with the direct-drive floor head that we already talk about in the above similarities.

Other Difference:

Now the thing is why that is so impotent? So basically the Fluffy head feature is designed specifically for hard floors. It’s manufacturing with a combination of soft nylon and stiffer carbon fiber, which allows it to pick up both large debris and fine dust. This doesn’t mean the Animal can’t work on hard floors. The direct cleaner head, which is common on both the Animal and Absolute, is also designed for hard floors and does an incredible job. It’s just not quite as effective on this surface as the soft roller.


Mostly, both v8 models the Absolute and Animal have the same set of tools. These include the docking station, miniature motorized tool that’s great for pet hair, rigid crevice tool and combination tool. Here is an interesting thing that the other V8 model, the Total Clean, comes with several additional tools like the “Up Top” adaptor for cleaning above cupboards and “Flexi Crevice” for getting into tight places. So if you want best versatility, the Total Clean might be best choice for you


If we talk about the price then the V8 Animal is around £90 cheaper than the V8 absolute on the Dyson official website you can save some money here especially as the models are mostly have the common features. While retailers set their own prices for the Absolute and Animal, however, so the prices may vary in that case.

Which one should you buy?

Now here the real question appears that which one you should get? As you all already know the similarities and difference you are realize that there is slightly difference in the features of both models. The most significant difference is that the Absolute includes the soft roller floor head for hard floors, while the Animal doesn’t you already know that. This means you’re effectively paying extra purely for the “Fluffy” floor head. Is it worth the money though? You have to thing about that.

Dyson v8 animal review:
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If you’re asking for our suggestion, the V8 Animal is an excellent choice of vacuum for almost any surface. The mini motorized tool is great for getting pet hair out of stairs and upholstery, while the direct-drive makes quick work of carpets. In case if you have lots of hard floors, then, it’s worth paying extra to get the soft-roller cleaner head on the V8 Absolute. Otherwise you are good with Dyson v8 Animal

  • Excellent suction power
  • Easy to use and highly mobile if you score it , it will be 9 out of 10
  • Great with pet hair
  • Useful on carpets, hard floors and stairs
  • Hygienic ejector dust emptying system
  • Little low bin capacity
  • No soft roller cleaner head for hard floors in case of V8 animal
Appearance and Design

The overall appearance and design are same in both case. It’s a stick vacuum with a detachable handheld mode (also known as “handstick” design), lightweight design and several accessories. The stick and handheld modes also make it a versatile vacuum. The overall weight of that thing is 2.16KG (4.76 pounds) and you can attached and dispatch the tool easily whenever you need. It is the long stick design but the designers done a great job in balancing the entire body.

Excellent for pet hairs

As it clear from the model name ‘V8 Animals’ the V8 Animal’s direct-drive cleaner head is actually really good at removing both short and long hair from carpets. So if you have a pet in your house like dog or cat then you must have one of these too. This is a task lg cordless vacuum struggle with, but the V8 Animal makes light work of pulling up hair from carpets in both standard and MAX power modes. Turbo mode does drain battery fast but it work effectively. You’ll probably want to switch to MAX power mode when cleaning pet hair from hard floors though. The extra suction helps pickup more loose hairs, so it’s worth the reduction in run-time. With a loose of little battery you will get the best cleaning floor without any kind of dust or hair. So, we hope that our Dyson V8 Absolute Vs. Animal comparison helped you enough to clarify the difference and similarities of these excellent vacuum cleaners.

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