Last Update: March 18, 2021

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Moving and re-sorting out furniture in your home once in a while may scratch the floor. Furthermore, furniture sliders are the arrangement that not exclusively can ensure your floor surface yet in addition make moving things around easy. In the event that you will in general go for the best furniture sliders, here are a few recommendations for you.

FLERISE Furniture Moving Kit – Best for Versatility

The plastic sliders work equally on rugs, carpets, solid wood floor, laminate floor, and vinyl flooring. It is the most convenient way to move heavy and bulky furniture units including, tables, desks, TV stands, dining tables, sofas, beds, recliners, dressers and other objects. Using it is very simple – just lift or tilt the object to be moved, place a furniture sliders underneath its each leg bottom or corner and then simply push or pull the object. Once the furniture is moved, you can leave the sliders in place or remove them and stack them up in a provided container for later use.

Best furniture sliders for Carpet

The FLERISE moving pads are the best versatile sliders for moving things on both carpet and hardwood floors. With the assorted size of 89mm in diameter, the FLERISE furniture pads could be used under several household appliances such as tables, sofas, beds, dressers, etc. You will find it much easier to re-organize your home with a furniture moving system.

  • Work for both hard floors and carpet.
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for several types of furniture legs
  • Leaving them appears to be not tasteful

X-Protector Felt Furniture Sliders

If your furniture is too heavy and you are worried about that, X-PROTECTOR is here to give you a hand to move it easily! The pack includes 8 heavy duty reusable sliders for carpeted floors. The size is the biggest in the market. It is 9-1/2″ x 5-3/4″ and it’s perfect for any heavy furniture! X-PROTECTOR used no glue or adhesive for this premium reusable heavy-duty slider.
These sliders are made from thick felt and rubber foam with good capacity to distribute the weight on any floor type. Moreover, the rubber foam works makes them self-stick furniture pads to grip the furniture securely. Even when you place these furniture gliders under heavy furniture sliders for long periods, it will maintain the gripping ability. This X-protector slider pack comes with some large sliders for bigger furniture. Till now these are the biggest furniture sliders of our list. Each slider measures 9.5-inch in length and 5.75-inch in width. And the entire body is designed with an oval shape. You can’t use small sliders for moving your large furniture. Even if you do this, it may damage your floor. But using these large size sliders, you can move both large and small furniture and your moving will not harm your floor anymore.

  • Expansive design for large furniture
  • Work perfectly for hard floors
  • Excellent durability and reusability
  • A little bit bulky to keep under the appliances at all times
  • >

The X-Protector furniture sliders for hardwood floors with their expansive dimension are the ideal choice for moving appliances with massive legs on hardwood surfaces.

Best furniture sliders for Carpet

Super Sliders 4704095N Furniture Sliders

Another option to deal with oversized furniture legs is the Super Sliders 4704095N sliders for furniture. With its unique design, these pads make moving furniture around incredibly effortless.
This is the second specialized collection from the Supersliders who is the synonym of the super-quality products. The slider are designed and manufactured for moving furniture on the carpet as the carpet has a totally different surface structure than hardwood floors. The round shaped sliders will be a good choice for any type of furniture legs unless their legs do not exceed the area of the sliders. These sliders are reusable, cleanable and very simple to use and remove when the moving is done

Best furniture sliders for Carpet

  • SuperSliders 4703495K Furniture Sliders can be used on all kind of furniture without an issue
  • It works great even with large and heavy furniture. Just put under the legs and move across carpeted surfaces easily
  • The sliders are100% reusable and can also be left under the items for as long as you want.
  • Each pack has 4 of 3-1/2” in diameter sliders, and it is one of the best-selling products in the market.
Fit with All:

Whether it is your lightweight furniture like a chair or table, or your heavyweight furnitures like almira, sofa and dresser, these sliders will successfully carry them from one corner to another. Before starting moving, you just have to ensure that the sliders are placed in the right position.

A Perfect Combination

These sliders establish a perfect combination between rubber foam and plastic case. When the user places the sliders under the furniture legs, the foam absorbs the entire load of the furniture and facilitates the lower case to move smoothly on any type of carpet. The sliders are rounded in shape. So, you can move to any side with your furniture during the moving. Also, this rounded shape facilitates a better transaction with carpet and uneven floor structures.

Furniture sliders for carpet protection

Other than using the sliders for sliding purpose, you can use them as a mean of protection for your valuable carpets. Sometimes when furniture stays in a certain place for a long time, their weight damages the thickness of the carpet and decrease the overall beauty of the carpet. You can easily protect your carpet using theses slider.

  • Special design with extra-large dimension
  • Best for carpet only
  • Work good in sliding furniture
  • Not suitable for bulky furniture and hardwood floor
  • The Super Sliders furniture moving pads offer you a decent quality and excellent performance to easily move furniture on carpet floors without spending much effort.

CO-Z Reusable Round Movers - Best for Heavy Furniture

The CO-Z furniture sliders are the top choice for furniture slider for carpet floors. With an expansive diameter and a round shape, they can accommodate quite many types of furniture in your house. Made from EVA foam, these pads can handle up to 110 lbs of weight. You can feel free to move heavy furniture like under tables, chairs, cylinders, dressers, and even beds. Also, they come with a hard plastic surface that allows you to quickly and easily move your appliances.

CO-Z Reusable Round Movers - Best for Heavy Furniture

The superb thickness of these rug furniture sliders disseminates weight equitably, consequently, lessening the danger of pulverizing your floor coverings. Then, the smooth plastic surface works consummately to rapidly and effectively move your furniture without any problem. You can likewise reuse them to vacuum the under of your furnishings.

  • Round shape with a diameter of 3.5 inch
  • Weight capacity of 110lbs
  • Easy to use with most household furniture
  • Easy to be compressed

Furniture sliders are your most prominent partner to change the vibe of your room. Subsequently, you should go for an incredible presentation moving sliders like FLERISE Furniture Moving Kit. They are multi-surface sliders that will back you up regardless of your floor is covered or produced using hardwood.

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