Last Update: March 18, 2021

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Samsung 870 EVO 500 GB SATA III Internal SSD

  • The Samsung 870 EVO 500 GB VNAND Solid State Drive is an exceptional choice. Its performance is great, you will get exactly what one can expect from a Samsung EVO SSD.
  • SSD drive help to increase the system's overall performance, which is common when it is used as the boot drive that loads the computer's operating system.
  • You can enjoy professional level SSD performance with 870 EVO, which maximizes the SATA interface limit to 560/530 MB/s.
  • Any user will find this drive to be exactly what they need in order to increase the overall responsiveness of their computer SSDs in terms of the price to performance ratio.
  • This drive has been compatibility tested for major host systems and applications, including chipsets, motherboards, NAS, and video recording devices.
  • Its smaller capacity of 500 GB, makes it suitable as the storage device on a computer and it performs great job with additional features.
  • This drive speeds up your overall computer performance by a significant margin, especially if it is being utilized as the boot drive.
  • This drive gives you reliability beyond what you will find with most other brands and Coupled with the VNAND technology.
  • This drive giving you up to 560 MB/s in read operations and 530 MB/s for write operations.
  • It just as fast as the higher capacity drive listed earlier and it makes full use of the entire bandwidth of the SATA controller.
  • You can be assured that you are using the best of the best Samsung SSD technology is simply the best out there, and with this or any other EVO drive.
  • The included Samsung Magician software makes it even easier. This software package gives you the ability to control and manage all aspects of the SSD.
  • It ensures that, the drive is using the latest updates as well as giving you the ability to constantly monitor the performance and health of the device.
kingston vs samsung ssd

  • Excellence in Performance
  • Industry Defining Reliability
  • More Compatible than Ever
  • Upgrade with Ease
  • Samsung Magician Software
  • Accelerates Write Speeds
  • Larger Variable Buffer

SK hynix Gold S31 1TB 3D NAND Internal SSD

  • It is highly reliable SSD that also gives you outstanding overall performance. Their reliability as well as their performance are two main concerns that people have when it comes to SSDs.
  • The main advantage that an SSD has over a mechanical hard drive is in its much faster read and write speeds.
  • SSDs is the amount of heat that they generate inside of a system. It performs well even over long periods. You won't have to worry about it generating a lot of heat, with this SSD.
  • Reliability is also a necessary concern, as a drive that needs to be replaced often just won't work well as a long-term storage solution.
  • This SSD gives you blazing fast performance that is right up there with the highest end drives while also remaining durable enough to last many years through heavy usage.
  • It is easy to install in any device that can take a SATA SSD, including a PS4 Pro and you'll notice that your operating system or games will load up in record time.
  • This SSD is an ideal choice for those who have trouble managing the cooling inside their systems will find.
  • It has sleek silver body, so those who have gaming rigs with transparent shielding will love the look of this drive.
  • It Installation is very easy as it is for most other SSDs, no special drivers needed to install.
  • The overall attributes of this SSD make it a great choice for anyone looking for a combination of reliability and performance.
  • It provides top tier speed, best-in-class sequential read speeds. Its sequential read speeds up to 560MB/s and sequential write speeds up to 525MB/s.
SK hynix Gold S31 1TB 3D NAND Internal SSD

  • Top Tier Speed
  • Leading Edge Solution
  • Global Semiconductor Powerhouse
  • Best-In-Class Sequential Read Speeds
  • Superior Reliability And Stability
  • Low Heat Output
  • Faster Read And Write Speed

Kingston 240GB A400 Internal SSD

Kingston 240GB A400 Internal SSD

  • The Kingston comes strong with one of its latest models A400. It is rigid, fast, reliable and will not let you down.
  • The A400 model comes with a fairly fast read and write speed of 500MB and 450MB per second. Its speeds will allow you for a quick data transfer no matter how big are the files.
  • This drive is compatible with all modern SATA connection interfaces from SATA 1.5 Gb/s up to the SATA 6 Gb/s,
  • It will be a neat thing to consider if you plan to upgrade your current system with that much-needed data transfer speed.
  • It will come in handy for those owners of laptops that tend to carry their gadget with them on a daily basis.
  • This SSD will more than suffice your needs like video editing and online gaming require a lot of resources from your system.
  • If you intend to use the SSD as a boot drive for your system there is a significant increase in booting speed.
  • It is recommended to update all of your firmware with newer versions of the drivers in order to achieve a minimum response time and the fastest speed from the SSD.
  • This A400 SSD will be a good addition to any new system, an old computer, or a laptop.
  • This model comes in four different types such as 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB. The Kingston A400 is resistant to shock and various vibrations.
  • Kingston beats almost every other brand in this aspect and the reliability of the SSDs cannot be underestimated.
  • The A400 SSD is the right pick for you and your data will be firmly secured. It provides fast start up, loading and file transfers.
  • The Kingston A400 solid state drive is one of the best budget models available on the market today.
  • Fast Start Up, Loading And File Transfers
  • More Reliable And Durable Than A Hard Drive
  • Multiple Capacities With Space For Applications
  • Incredible Speeds Plus Rock-Solid Reliability
  • Ultra-Responsive Multi-Tasking
  • Built With Flash Memory
SAMSUNG 870 EVO 1TB Internal SSD
SAMSUNG 870 EVO 1TB Internal SSD

  • Samsung's EVO SSDs are best for their high performance and ultra-durability. This is one of the flagship SSDs on the market today with its performance.
  • This model reveals that it is an easy-to-use and very fast SSD with plenty of storage. It has capacity of 1 TB.
  • This drive will increase the performance of your computer, and the installation speed of Windows and applications on your system will increase by several times.
  • Its read speeds is up to 560 MB/s and write speeds is up to 530 MB/s, which basically makes this drive the fastest.
  • It is also ensuring that all applications that you run on your system load in record time and you will get combination of high performance and durability.
  • This Samsung's SSD has built-in Turbo Write technology, which helps maximize the input and output speeds of the device to give performance.
  • Its technology allows the drive to analyses the location and volume of data and place it in locations on the drive, where read and write speeds will be entirely optimized.
  • Its installation is extremely simple and meet the demands of every task from everyday computing to 8K video processing
  • Indisputable Performance
  • Accelerates Write Speeds
  • Upgrade With Ease
  • Industry Defining Reliability
  • More Compatible Than Ever
  • Including Chipsets, Motherboards
  • Maintains Long Term High Performance

Comparing Features:

Read/Write Speed

Without a doubt you need to focus on such a component as peruse and compose speed. The higher these figures are, the faster the work of the driver will be. You should see that producers show the most elevated conceivable speed characteristic. You need to focus on the cycle file of re-recordings. We can get two primary sorts, MLC up to 10 000 cycles and SLC up to 100 000 cycles. All models in our SSD drive survey are made on MLC innovation. We might want to make reference to, that such kind is the most adequate in the quality-value connection.


You need to choose what limit of the SSD drive will fulfill your requirements. You might want to utilize this gadget as the principle memory in the PC? As the extra one? Or on the other hand only for the establishment of the working framework? The standard limit of a strong state circle differs from 60 to 500 GB. It is incredibly helpful to utilize the SSD similarly as a working framework stockpiling. It is smarter to store any remaining information like films, music, and so on the hard circle. On the off chance that you figure it will be a reasonable alternative for you, the circle limit from 60 to 250 GB is most likely enough.

Connection Interface

SSD drives can be connected to a PC or a laptop with the help of connection interface such as PCIE or SATA. The data transfer rate of the SSD drive directly depends on the connection interface. It is better to connect it via the SATA III, if you are connecting the SSD solid via the SATA interface. The speed of the SSD drive will be much faster than SATA.

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