Last Update: March 18, 2021

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FEYACHI Flip-Up Rear Front and Iron Sight Systems

  • FEYACHI Front and Rear flip up iron sights are the best PICATINNY Iron Sight due to various reasons.
  • First, it is made of durable and lightweight aluminum as well as mil-spec hard anodized, which allows it to stand strong against the test of time.
  • FEYACHI Flip-Up Rear Sight Systems is designed for same plane with low profile rear sight.
  • These are calibrated and matched together as a set.
  • It is machined from lightweight and extremely durable aluminum, Mil-Spec hard anodized.
  • Its Flip-up design comes with spring load push button.
  • It is allowing for quick deployment Rear sight Wind age adjustable.
  • Its rear sight micro style wind age knob features same as MOA adjustment as standard sight.
  • Its front sight has A2 post Elevation adjustment.
picatinny rail sights

  • Micro style wind age knob
  • Flip up sights design
  • Lightweight
  • Rear sight Wind age adjustable
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum materials
  • Similar plant with a low-profile rear sight
  • Spring load push button

It features as flip-up design with the spring load push button, which allows fast deployment. It is designed for a similar plane with a low profile rear iron sight.

TACTICON Armament Flip up Iron Sight

  • TACTICON Armament flip up iron sights made its way into our list due to its quality. It is made from a premium aluminum alloy.
  • This option offers you could count on the durability and accuracy. You use it as your back-up or main sight.
  • Its spring-loaded pop-up, which is really effective and fast with a simple button push.
  • You can forget about the frustration of fumbling with one device just to get it to work. Its flexibility really impresses you.
  • The iron sight for rifles is designed for any tactical or hunting rifle such as Colt, Remington, and Winchester.
  • It is one of the best iron sights for ar15.
  • Its front sight post is also wholly adjustable for elevation while its rear flip sight is adjustable for wind age.
  • It is quite easy to install as well. It only takes roughly 5 minutes to get the whole thing ready to function.
  • High-Quality Material
  • Durable And Accurate
  • Effective And Fast Spring-Loaded Pop-Up Action
  • High Flexibility
  • Ease Of Instalment
  • Good For Wind Age And Elevation
  • Front Sight Adjustment Tool Included
  • Comes With Wooden Case
  • Push Button Flip Up With Ease
  • Mounting Wrench Included
  • Stiff Release Springs

It can offer you high durability and accuracy, which can be one of the best sights for rifles. You could get the better results of aiming with this product.

AWOTAC Polymer Black Fiber Optics Iron Sights

picatinny rail sights
AWOTAC Polymer Black Fiber Optics Iron Sights

  • AWOTAC Polymer flip up iron sights set stands out to its unique flip-up mechanism, which allows fast deployment based on your demands.
  • Its construction of polymer with excellent density is extremely durable and light.
  • The iron sights feature Rear Green Dot Sight and Front Red Dot, which offers bright aiming points for night vision
  • You can work at night just as well as you do in the morning. Its thumb slide flip-up mechanism, easy to install and to deploy.
  • Its dual aperture sight Switch between CQB and Precision comes with the wind age adjustment option. It is compatible with most Picatinny/Weaver rails.
  • Unique Thumb-Slide Flip-Up Mechanism
  • Durable And Light Construction
  • Easy To Install And To Deploy.
  • Offer Bright Aiming Point In Dark Conditions
  • High-Density Polymer Construction
  • Non-Reflective Matte Black Finish
  • Visible Front Red Dot Sight And Rear Green Dot Sight
  • Polymer Front And Rear Sight Black Color
  • Compatible With Most Weaver / Picatinny Rails
  • Cannot Fold The Site Down

It is actually one of the great gun accessories. It allows fast deployment based on your demands. You should consider its drawback before buying first. If it doesn’t matter to you, you could go for it.

Marmot Flip up Iron Sights

Marmot Flip up Iron Sights

  • Marmot flip up iron sights is another best iron sights for ar 15.
  • It is completely adjustable tool for elevation and wind age as it features low profile flip-up backup design.
  • It has milled aluminum front and rear sights with a pushing button.
  • They can give you a hand when working on rather complex shoots with specific backgrounds.
  • It comes with aircraft grade aluminum as well as matte anodized finish, which makes the whole thing sturdy and look great.
  • It also does have two modes to aim so that you can adjust for short range and long range shooting.
  • You could improve your own shooting experience with this product. They are easy to use, fast read and target follow-ups.
  • Its A2 front sight post is fully adjustable for elevation and has rear sight dual aperture wind age adjustment.
  • It is made of aircraft grade aluminum and matte black anodized finish. It has 21.4mm standard PICATINNY weaver rail.
  • It’s both precision and CQB apertures on rear sight standard AR front sight post on front.
  • Low-Profile Flip-Up Design
  • Adjustable For Elevation
  • Picatinny Weaver Rail
  • Milled Aluminum Front And Rear Sights
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum And Matte Anodized Finish
  • Easy To Use, Fast Read, Easy Target
  • Two Aiming Modes
  • Front Sight Leans Left Once Its Tightened

It can help you to improve your shooting experience significantly. It is completely adjustable tool for elevation and easy to use, fast read and target follow-ups.

BUGLEMAN Flip up Iron Sight

  • It is made of thumb slide flip-up Spring-loaded mechanism. You can sliding the spring load push button to flip-up simply.
  • This iron sight is allowing for quick deployment and adjust the deployment according to your needs.
  • It is especially designed for any hunting or tactical rifle with Picatinny Weaver Rails.
  • Its front sight is completely adjustable for Elevation by rotating the adjustment gear.
  • It is switch between CQB and Precision by dual aperture design.
  • You can rotate the knob for a proper aiming position with the scale mark on the rear sight.
  • Its impact resistant polymer construction provides you with Durable & Lightweight & Solid use experience.
  • There is an Allen wrench tool in package, so you don't need to find tool.
BUGLEMAN Flip up Iron Sight

  • Simple To Flip Up
  • Front Sight Elevation Adjustment
  • Rear Sight Two Mode & Precise Aiming
  • Dual Aperture Design.
  • Spring-Loaded Mechanism
  • Impact Resistant Polymer Construction
  • Durable & Lightweight
  • Solid Use Experience

This BUGLEMAN flip up iron sights has front sight elevation adjustment and rear sight two mode & precise aiming. It has Impact resistant polymer construction and thumb slide flip-up Spring-loaded mechanism.

CHAOS Ready Flip Up Iron Sights
  • The spring loaded action is highly responsive & means for an instant back up iron sight.
  • It is all done from a simple conveniently placed spring loaded button which is placed on the side of the iron sight.
  • It provides wide compatibility and designed to mount on the military standard 1913. PICATINNY rails widely universal can be used on most PICATINNY mounting systems.
  • It is co-witness to most standard optics when flipped up or low profile & out of the way when flipped down.
  • Its design is made from a high quality aluminum metal allowing for a light but highly sturdy iron sight.
  • This allows you to not change the weight of your firearm too much. You always have a backup iron sights that you won’t even notice
  • The iron sight is fully adjustable for both wind age & elevation via 1/2 moa clicks adjustments.
  • It is allowing for a truly accurate iron sight no matter the environment.
  • It also comes with both precision & CQB apertures on the rear sight, no matter what the environment you have it all.
  • It provides rock solid support. You need the confidence in knowing you've chosen the absolute best quality products available

  • Spring Loaded
  • Wide Compatibility
  • High Quality Aluminum Metal Design
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Rock Solid Support
  • Have A Back Up Iron Sights
  • Highly Responsive

This flip up iron sights provides wide compatibility and made from a high quality aluminum metal. The iron sight is fully adjustable and provides rock solid support. It comes with both precision & CQB apertures on the rear sight.

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