Last Update: March 18, 2021

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Roborock S5 Max Review- The 99% Perfect Robot Vacuum

We will review the brand new Roborock S5 Max, the best among robot vacuum from Roborock so far. The thing to know is that the S5 max is more than just an update from the previous S5 version, which was one of the favorite robot vacuums when it came out a few years ago. Robot vacuums are one of the best smart home devices peoples can buy. They one thing, vacuum up floors and rugs, and they do this task quite well. They are simple to operate, and simple to install and work unless you ask them to mop. That is, save for the roborock s5 max, which handled mopping better than other robot vacuum it’s a solid option for those who really want a hybrid for their home. The S5 is so similar to the Roborock S6 pure that we found the vacuuming options almost identical. The robot started out by mapping the rooms in our space, and did so efficiently. The vacuum also picked up, nicely, dirt and Waste.

roborock s5 max review

Roborock S5 Max Design:

Design wise, the Roborock S5 Max does not deviate too much from other models in the range. A round and slim cleaner “350 x 350 x 97mm”, the s5 max will happily slide under a lot of sofas, dining chair. The s5 max comes is in white or black, but both options look equally good, finished in a high-quality gloss plastic. This model certainly looks and feels like a premium one. Open the top of the lid and you get access to the 0.46l bin, which easily lifts out for empty. There’s a handy brush and razor in this compartment, too, designed to cut away hair from the roller brush beneath. This roller brush is easily removed for cleaning.
At the back, there’s a pull out water tank that can hold 280ml of water for mopping. Below this sits the microfiber cloth, which clips in using a separate plastic holder. Previous models roborock vacuum cleaners relied on gravity to push out water, but this model lets you decide on the amount of water you use, since it’s pumped from the tank. It provides far greater control over the clean you get. Roborock ships the s5 max with a plastic floor protector that sticks down around the small charging dock. This is particularly handy if you have wooden floors, as you don’t want to leave wet sitting on them.

roborock s5 max review

Roborock S5 Max features:

Vacuuming performance:

Powerful enough to deal with the biggest spills on carpet and hard floors

Roborock S5 Max features
Mopping performance:

The pumped water tank lets you control the amount of water used, which allows the robot deal with some reasonably tough stains.

Navigation and features:

Smart navigation quickly works out the layout of your home; through testing the robot did not become stuck around any objects. You can start and stop a clean using the buttons found on top of the robot, full control comes of the roborock app. This quickly takes you through connecting the robot to your home network they took only a few minutes. The first clean is where the s5 max will map out your house once done, you can save the details. Mapping allows you to zone your home, splitting it into rooms and effectively giving the option of cleaning only one area.

Roborock S5 Max performance and navigation:

Roborock S5 Max performance and navigation Hard floors cleaning:

The s5 max did its main job of picking up debris off of hard floors and carpets extremely well in the tests. Roborock robot vacuums have been always praised for their clean pickup ability, meaning that their brushes work well together and just pick up various types and sizes of debris very cleanly without scattering debris with its side brush or blowing it around with its exhaust. The s5 max seemed to be better than other robot vacuum with pure pickup ability. When being tested on both its max power and its so-called balanced power mode, it was really impressive. It was possibly the best sand pickup on hard floors especially in a lower power setting on carpets. It had the same great pickup ability for all types and sizes of debris without any of the side brush stalling problems as seen from the others.

Carpet cleaning:

On the carpet deep clean test where we embed 90 to 100 grams of sand into medium pile carpet and weigh the dustbins after five minutes it scored an above average 78 basically the same score is the older s5 and a little better than the s6.

Dry stain cleaning:

We tested this with dried on coffee grape and vegetable juice stains and found that it was quite a little bit better than previous roborocks. It got the easier coffee stains in the first pass though the much tougher grape and vegetable juice stains took two full runs to clear. These are really hard tests for robot mop combination. They are even kind of hard tests for straight up electric mops. It can be said that the roborock s5 max is the best robot mop combination in terms of pure mopping ability.

Removal of pet hair:

Roborock has always work well with the pet hair tangled test and the s5 max was as well. It was able to resist 100% of the one gram of five inch hair on max power, which was impressive though increasing either the amount or length of hair from that point will cause some light tangles, but even so it was well above average for robot. We tested its power in a number of ways, found that it had a touch more airflow than the older s5 as well as the s6. The s6 probably has less power by design to get better battery life numbers.

Dustbin capacity:

The s5 max has a much huge dustbin than the old s5 and the s6 at 640 milliliters. It’s the same size as the s4 which is a major plus and it’s especially impressive when they still made room for the new large water tank for mopping

Selective room cleaning:

The S5 max has some app upgrades like the room select feature. It will create a map after we divide and name the rooms in our home so that it will clean certain rooms instead of others. Besides, users can really customize their scheduled cleanings like on Mondays vacuum the kitchen and living room only on max power at 7:00 am or any number of variations.

New mopping characteristic
Electric water tank:

The new mopping features are the main difference between the s5 max and all the other Roborocks. While the older s5 as well as the s6 and some others have had mopping attachments, the S5 max represents a totally new mopping design. The older mops were basically small capacity tanks with a pad that just attached to the bottom of the robot. They functioned essentially using gravity where the water slowly seeped into the mopping pad at a fixed rate. The S5 max is the first Roborock to include an individual detachable electric water tank, which can hold quite a bit more water than the previous model.

No-mop zones:

The new software features for mopping were also a major plus. Mainly that in addition to the no-go lines, we can also set up no mop zones which will only be recognized if we have the mop pad attached. It would be helpful to have separate keep out zones just for mopping until these features started to show up with the s6, but it really does make mopping so much more useful and favorable.

Battery life:

The Roborock S5 has the same stunning three hour battery life on low power as the original S5 and it’s still one of the best battery life numbers in the industry.

Overall new Updates:

The newer Roborocks have a much larger 32-bit quad core processor. This larger brain helps them in a number of ways, but especially with navigation. These three newer ones also have upgraded side brushes which are made out of materials that are less prone to wear as well as upgraded main brushes which have more bristles and are supposedly better with resisting pet hair tangles.

  • Multiple vacuum modes
  • Precision water control
  • Support for cleaning zones and virtual barriers
  • Efficient at mopping
  • Powerful vacuum
  • Little bit expensive
  • Previous roborock vacuum cleaners have used gravity fed mopping systems, but the roborock s5 max introduces a pumped system that lets you control how much water is used. The results are very impressive, with the robot vacuum cleaner able to maintain a hard floor between deeper cleans. Powerful dust collection and excellent navigation makes this the best all-round robot vacuum cleaner and ideal for those with hard floors.

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