Last Update: March 18, 2021

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Vic Tsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

  • This mouse has advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology and provides stable connection. It brings precise track, fast data transmission speed.
  • It also provides up to 30ft/10M working distance, eliminates delays, dropouts and interference. It is excellent wireless gaming mouse for both casual gamers and office staff.
  • This best mouse has 5 Adjustable DPI Values such as 2400, 2000, 600, 1200, 800 DPI provides a wide range of surfaces, which helps you to enhance working effectiveness.
  • The high-precision sensor delivers pinpoint accuracy, precise tracking and extreme responsiveness. It is quiet wireless gaming mouse as compared to other pc gaming mouse.
  • The left and right button of this wireless gaming mouse reduces 50% noise to make it perfect for public places, such as offices, libraries, dormitories, internet cafes where you do not want disturb others or interrupt your concentration.
  • Vic Tsing wireless mouse features auto sleeping function and advanced energy-saving chip. Up to 5-million-click keystroke test ensures the durability.
  • If it is not used after 8 minutes this wireless gaming mouse will be in sleeping mode to save energy, then simply press any button to wake it up.
  • It has low power indicator and the scroll will be flash in red to alarm you change new battery. By this feature you avoid missing your work or game timely.
  • When you do not use it to save energy we recommend you to turn off the button under the mouse.
  • It also provides strong compatibility and work perfectly for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP etc.
silent mouse

  • Quiet Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • 2.4g Wireless Technology
  • Auto Sleeping Function
  • 5 Adjustable Dpi Values
  • Advanced Energy-Saving Chip
  • Strong Compatibility
  • Fast Data Transmission Speed
  • Eliminates Delays
  • Up To 30ft/10m Working Distance
  • For Mac OS, the sided buttons are not available

Vic Tsing Wireless Gaming Mouse has advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology and provides stable connection. It features as an auto sleeping function and advanced energy-saving chip.

VEGCOO C8 Silent Click Wireless Gaming Mouse

  • This mouse is adopted advanced technology and it can be provide reliable wireless connection but also an accurate tracking.
  • It is allowing you move your gaming mouse freely without interference within 10m.
  • It is soundless clicking mouse and its both left and right keys are silent. When you are working at home or plays games say good bye to the annoy noises.
  • This best mouse consists of amazing Illuminated colorful LEDs that change its color randomly create a wonderful atmosphere.
  • This feature making you indulge in your play, which is really a cool gaming mouse and the Led lights can be turned off if you do not need.
  • It also has extended battery life and built in larger 400mAh Lithium battery. It can be used for about 30 days once full recharged.
  • You will feel less hand fatigue for long time use. You can even use the mouse when it is recharging, thanks to its Lithium battery.
  • It is an Ergonomic curve design mouse with comfortable materials, which fits your hand perfectly and naturally.
  • It is a wireless mouse. This thing is surprisingly accurate and precise. It’s both left and right keys are equally silent. Thanks to the adopted advanced tracking technology.
VEGCOO C8 Silent Click Wireless Gaming Mouse

  • Soundless Clicking Mouse
  • Amazing Led Lights
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Ergonomic Curve Design Mouse
  • Provide Reliable Wireless Connection
  • Colorful LEDs That Change Its Color Randomly
  • Create A Wonderful Atmosphere
  • Really A Cool Gaming Mouse
  • Built In Larger 400mah Lithium Battery
  • Fits Your Hand Perfectly And Naturally
  • Doesn't Incorporate Rubber Side Grips

VEGCOO C8 Silent Click Wireless Gaming Mouse has advanced technology and it can be provide reliable wireless connection. It is an Ergonomic curve design mouse with comfortable materials.

Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

  • It is ultra-quiet mouse which reduced 90% click sound. The same click feel eliminates noise and distractions for you and others around you.
  • Logitech is the first mouse company in the world to receive the Quiet Mark certification from the UK Noise Abatement Society that internationally recognizes technology designed to reduce noise.
  • It has ergonomic shape and designed with contoured grips made of soft rubber for total comfort.
  • This silent mouse has long 2 year battery life and auto-sleep help you go longer between battery changes.
  • It provides plug and play connection. Nano sized Logitech wireless unifying receiver stays in your computer. Just plug it in, forget it and even add compatible wireless devices without multiple USB receivers.
  • M330 is a result of Logitech’s expertise and innovative approach designing comfortable solutions for over 25 years.
  • Its asymmetric shape is meticulously crafted to guide your right hand to a natural position, while the soft rubber surface with distinctive patterns improves touch feeling.
  • Track and scroll with excellent accuracy and precision. M330 features a rubber scroll wheel with tactile feel that gives you a controlled line-by-line scrolling experience.
  • Logitech’s high precision tracking offers next-level cursor control for great navigation on almost any surface.
  • This silent mouse will be a particularly great fit for offices. If you're looking to start a small company or reequip your employees with silent peripherals, this is best choice.
  • Ultra-Quiet Mouse
  • Quiet Mark Certification
  • Ergonomic Shape
  • Plug And Play Connection
  • Designed With Contoured Grips
  • Made Of Soft Rubber
  • Auto-Sleep Option
  • Compatible Wireless Devices
  • Doesn't Have A DPI Adjustment Button

Logitech M330 Silent plus Wireless Mouse is ultra-quiet mouse which reduced 90% click sound. It provides plug and play connection.

OKIMO Rechargeable Wireless Mouse
OKIMO Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

  • This silent mouse can move freely within a range of up to 10 m through 2.4 GHz wireless transmission.
  • It can be adjustable with three levels precision such as 800, 1200 and 1600 DPI, which can be tracked more precisely and correctly.
  • The speed of the mouse can be controlled more freely, and the operation can be more precise.
  • This rechargeable optical mouse has built-in durable 450 MAH lithium ion rechargeable battery. You can use up to 168 hours after full charge and its standby time is very long.
  • It can be easily charged using the included USB cable without replacing the battery.
  • It also has quiet click sound when pressing buttons, which let you not worry about the mouse sound can disturbing others, especially at home or office.
  • When other members having rest, you can focused on your work without worry.
  • It provides wide compatibility with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 / Windows Vista / Windows Vista/ Windows ME etc.
  • It is best fit for desktop, laptop, PC, MacBook and other devices. If your laptops are Mac OS system which are type-c port, you need connect the supplied USB c adapter to your laptop.
  • It is comfortable silent click mouse with classic design with anti-fingerprint finish offers your hand maximum support and comfort.
  • The short travel time of the buttons and the mouse wheel makes the whole operation of the mouse extremely quiet.
  • The wireless nature of the mouse, combined with its soft buttons on the bottom makes it almost completely silent to use.
  • The best thing about this particular mouse is its wireless capability and its quick charging process.
  • It will only take 1-1.5 hours to recharge the internal battery of the mouse using the provided USB cable.
  • It is recommended to turn on the mouse close to the connected device so it can pair with it without any issues.
  • Wireless Mouse
  • Rechargeable Optical Mouse
  • Mute Click
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Silent Click Mouse With Classic Design
  • Anti-Fingerprint Finish
  • Offers Your Hand Maximum Support And Comfort
  • Adjustable With Three Levels Precision
  • RGB Controls Are Not Really Straightforward

OKIMO Rechargeable Wireless Mouse has quiet click sound when pressing buttons. It is comfortable silent click mouse with anti-fingerprint finish.

Silent Mouse

A few people like the sound of their mouse clickety-clicking ceaselessly, making kind of a relieving foundation tune that helps locate their working section. Yet, not every person's very as energetic about it. Living in a little loft, your life partner impossible feels as amped up for that clicking commotion diverting her from her rest, tasks, or simply comfortable leisure activities. Your associates will not generally be elated about that commotion by the same token. Anyway, what's the arrangement? All things considered, you could "quiet" your gadget yet we would suggest going with an appropriate quiet mouse all things considered.

Amazingly, a mouse like that is actually what it seems like a PC fringe that produces less clamor than your normal mouse. Various organizations depend on various innovations to cause their items to create less of that clicking clamor, so the final product isn't really consistently the equivalent.

All things considered, any mouse publicized as a quiet model will probably demonstrate a ton calmer than a customary mouse. Obviously, toward the day's end, these gadgets include the majority of a similar plan arrangements, parts and components, so searching for the privilege quiet snap mouse is a cycle that is scarcely not the same as searching for a standard mouse. A portion of these models are totally appropriate for gaming purposes. All things considered, a large portion of them could barely compare to a legitimate gaming mouse, so think about our audits of gaming mice and Razor mice if that sound like something that is more fit for your strengths.

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