Last Update: March 18, 2021

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Everyone like the comfortable and luxury products either you’re buying the sofa, bed, car, chair or vovo toilet seat. YES! The vovo toilet seats are one of the comfortable and multi-functional seat that are extensively been used all over the world especially in America. That product gain popularity in days because of its useful features and those feature are not very complicate to use they are simple that anyone can understand these feature without any hurdle.Now in this article we are going to compare the features and other qualities of two different models of same product that are manufactured by same company, but first let us take you through the simple short history.

Who makes vovo toilet seats?

VOVO Corporation was established in 2001 as an "Eco-friendly Household Appliance Manufacturer". Their main goal is to improve the quality of life for future generations by developing eco-friendly products. To achieve their goal, they have developed "Eco-friendly Bathroom ware, VOVO STYLEMENT" in an attempt to bring hope to the modern life. This company won the title of the "No.1 Export Company" in South Korea and acquired the largest market share in both domestic and global markets.Now let’s get back to our main point now we going to compare the models to help you decided which one is best for your use.

Comparison between VOVOVB4000SE vs. VOVOVB4100SR

Features: VOVOVB4000SE VOVOVB4100SR
Measurement: 20.8 x 15 x 5.1 inches 19.8 x 15 x 5.1 inches
Medium: Plastic Plastic
Weight: 6.35kg (14 Pound) 5.44kg (12 Pound)
Nozzle: Stain-less steel with 3 in 1 feature Stain-less steel with 3 in 1 feature
Electric Supporting: YES YES
Appearance: Elongated Round
Luxury Features: Slow-closing lid, Warm air dryer, Tank Slow-closing lid, Warm air dryer, Tank
Installation Process: Easy Easy
Wireless remote control and touch pad: Available Available
Adjustable water Temperature and pressure: Yes Yes
Night LED light: Yes Yes

How it looks like when you installed vovo toilet seat in your Bathroom?

That is the question which comes to anyone’s mind when you’re thinking about setting up your bathroom environment. Below is the picture of how vovo toilet seat looks like in your washroom. It can easily fit into the wall with excellent draining system.

Comparison between VOVOVB4000SE vs. VOVOVB4100SR


Let us tell you more about some features and functionality of the vovo toilet seat as we already told that it have a stainless steel nozzle which serve the purpose of perfect cleaning. This nozzle also have the three major settings.That are given below:
  • Posterior
  • Feminine
  • Turbo wash
These are three different setting in one nozzle with adjustable water pressure and temperature. Ou can adjust the water pressure and temperature just according to your need. Take a look at the image below to make the complete visual image in your mind.
Comparison between VOVOVB4000SE vs. VOVOVB4100SR
Comparison between VOVOVB4000SE vs. VOVOVB4100SR


That toilet seat is not just a simple seat like other toilet seats it is multi-function and multi feature products. It have adjust able setting for everything. It is have remote control panel for setting and adjustments with proper icons title on it.
Let us describe them a little more.

Rhythm Adjustment:

You can adjust the rhythm for all three setting posterior, feminine and turbo wash. There is sensible icon and title on the touch pad panel. What you all have to do is adjust the settings according to your requirement and let the nozzle do rest of the cleaning work.

Nozzle Setting:

On the control panel there is a button that adjust the nozzle position. With up and down button writing ‘Nozzle Position’ between them. Using the buttons you can adjust the position as you like.


There is dryer button on the panel with a little fan icon on it, you can adjust the dryer heat level using that button.

Energy Saver:

Nozzle Setting Energy Saver:

There is also a small control panel on the right side of the seat that also contain some options which allows you the power saving setting. This system is totally eco-friendly and power saving.

Key difference:

The key difference between these two models is the difference of ‘shape’, ‘weight’, and ‘size’, everything else is almost the same they just have different shape, size and weight. In this case the weight doesn’t matter, because it has slow automatic opening and closing features.
The VOVO VB3100SR shape is latest it has ‘round’ shapes the other model has the ‘elongated shape’ the SR model is latest one with less weight. But, it also the little high in price here the SE model wins. They both come with the same premium functions, and the sole fact that the SR model is 2 pounds lighter does not account for the money. Plus, the elongated shape is more comfortable. Here might you get little confuse about which one you have to buy?


These both models are really popular mostly among old age peoples. Because when you’re getting old your body is start to slowing down because you don’t have the energy that you have when you are in your thirties. All these feature that it have is very useful for the old aged peoples. OR unfortunately you get in an accident and our hand’s broke and on the toilet seat you are unable to clean yourself so the vovo toilet seat will clean you up. What you have to do is just press the button and the nozzle do the rest.

Popularity of these models:

That toilet seat is not just a simple seat like other toilet seats it is multi-function and multi feature products. It have adjust able setting for everything. It is have remote control panel for setting and adjustments with proper icons title on it.
Let us describe them a little more.

Nozzle Setting Wireless Feature:

Wireless control panel Functions the one of the incredible feature is that these both models have smart wireless remote controller with easy one touch operation system. Has 3 levels of heated seat, warm water and dryer, and 5 levels of different nozzle position and water pressure. User and eco-friendly design.

People Review:

People evaluation is the one of the most important thing to consider what people think about the product is most important question for manufactures. For that purpose we have the review where people can share their experience with us and other people. If you look online you will find the reviews. People are really admiring these models because of their multi-functions comfort ability.


Now it’s time to decide either we are going to buy the VOVO VB4000SE or VOVO VB41000SR. It is clear from the above article that the both machines are incredibly capable with smart features, and more importantly they function equally well on both of them.
It’s all about what shape you are prefer if you’re comfortable with round shape no worries go for the SR model on the other hand if you feel better about the Elongated shape then you made a really good choice too. Both reduces power and energy consumption. Promotes paperless use, eco-friendly for the environment.

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