Last Update: March 18, 2021

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Canon Office Products LiDE120 Color Image Scanner

  • The Canon LiDE120 Color Image Scanner is a compact scanner that offers advanced features and affordability.
  • It features as a Compact Image Sensor with a 2400 dpi optical resolution. It make high-quality copies of documents and photos.
  • You will only need one cord for it to work because this Canon reflective scanner is powered the same way too. The scanning speed depends greatly on the quality settings and the document type.
  • LiDE120 is also a desktop flatbed scanner, you can scan your documents with it. This flatbed scanner scans one A4 image at a time.
  • Just place the sheet on the unmovable glass and the mobile ruler with the lamp along with the reading array will scan it.
  • It Auto Photo Fix feature will automatically analyze the image and optimize the correction settings. The image gets more vivid and realistic.
  • It also supports the WIA and TWAIN drivers and you could easily use it from any application with the scanning feature.
  • It is compatible with most of the operating systems popular on the market and data are transferred via a USB 2.0 or higher interface.
  • You can enhance text and images in the digitized documents with its Auto correction feature. The software will be of great use for removing small defects, like scratches and dust.
  • You will receive a picture that is an exact copy of the original, when you finish the scanning. If you are scanning A4 sheet it will take 16 seconds at the 300 dpi resolution.
  • Its 48-bit color depth allows for digitizing all available colors and gradations without losses. It also provides a good speed of the scanning array.
  • You will be able to send your digitized documents and photos directly to the cloud with this flatbed photo scanner. Just set the compatible software, like Evernote or Dropbox.
  • It features 4 buttons for quick operation, you will easily copy the document, convert it to PDF, send via e-mail, and turn on the auto recognition of a document type.
best top 5 slide scanners

  • Color Image Scanner
  • Four EZ Buttons
  • Auto Document Fix Feature
  • Send To Cloud" Functionality
  • Advanced Image Analysis
  • Offers Advanced Features and Affordability
  • Dazzling Scans of both Photos and Documents
  • Provides a Maximum Optical Resolution Of 2400 X 4800 Dpi

Epson Perfection V600 Flatbed Scanner

  • Epson Perfection V600 is a desktop flatbed scanner and it allows scanning A4 images or 3D objects 8.5" x 11.7".
  • It is connected to computers via USB 2.0 interface and also compatible with the USB 3.0. It has an Epson Matrix CCD linear array with an optical resolution of 6400 dpi.
  • ABBYY Fine Reader Run can perceive the printed text and convert it into the formats appropriate for word processing applications.
  • V600 is supported by most modern operating systems. Its 48-bit color depth allows reproducing colors with high precision, really close to being identical to the original picture.
  • It does not need time to heat up, so this high-resolution flatbed scanner for Mac and Windows is always ready to work. This technology performs analysis in the infrared range.
  • It has 4 quick-scan buttons on the front panel which make a fast digital copy and send it via e-mail or instantly convert into PDF.
  • Its DIGITAL ICE technology will help you restore your time-damaged photos at least partially. It senses only mechanical defects. By Epson Scan app, configuration and scanning are going to be a snap.
  • With color correction, color restoration will fix the digital copies of your old photos. Its Creativity Suite will help you quickly and easily send the images via email, post them online, or just change their size and resolution.
  • Its Parameters make it possible to scan photos for further editing and printing without any distortion. This Epson flatbed scanner uses an LED lamp.
  • It’s pre-installed TWAIN and WIA drivers enable all the scanner-supportive applications to work with this device. Its scanning speed depends on the dpi you set.
  • It works perfectly well with the 35mm film and 6 x 22 cm medium-format film and you will be able to digitize old films from your collection.
  • Its image aligning feature automatically recognizes the photo angle on the glass and aligns the scanned image the right way.
  • This high-resolution flatbed scanner for Mac and Windows is shipped with the software to simplify your interaction with the scanned images.
Epson Perfection V600 Flatbed Scanner

  • Scan Slides
  • Warm Up Time
  • Faster Scans
  • Digital ICE for Prints
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • TPU 2.7 X 9.5 Inches
  • Built In Transparency Unit
  • Digital ICE for Film
  • Maximum Scan Area 8.5 X 11.7 Inches
  • Create Extraordinary Enlargements from Film

Doxie Flip Cordless Flatbed Scanner

Doxie Flip Cordless Flatbed Scanner

  • Doxie flip is lightweight, portable and was designed as a flatbed scanner. Its scanning surface amount is A6 format. It has no exact connectivity interface.
  • It has a card reader for connecting the SD card to your PC. It is powered by 4 AA batteries and has transparent scanning window.
  • Its scanning speed at the standard resolution 300 dpi is 7 seconds. Its batteries hold the charge long enough for you to create approximately 200 copies.
  • You will be able to digitize images at the resolution of up to 600 dpi, with this portable flatbed scanner. You will receive clear and precise high-quality copies.
  • You can place the scanner upside down on your photo and watch the scanning process. It can automatically define the object's borders and color the rest in black.
  • The Intelligent Auto Adjust function automatically recognizes document's contents and crops it to the desired size.
  • The digitized record is saved in JPEG, PDF, or PNG, contingent upon the information type it contains. On the status bar, you will see the battery life indicator and the number of the copies left.
  • The small size of this wonderful portable flatbed scanner won't stop you from scanning large pictures.
  • The data are saved on an SD card, from which you can later copy them to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Its weight 1.26 lbs.
  • Doxie's software are used to edit images on your PC. It allows you to edit photographs rapidly and to send the scanned multiplications straightforwardly to the distributed storage.
  • There are the On/Off button, the memory card slot, and the Scan button, on the side panel. Placement of buttons is convenient.
  • You will find a colored LED display and 5 navigation buttons on its front panel. These buttons are used to change the scanner settings, set the date and time, adjust the turn-off time.
  • The Auto Stitch Doxie highlight finds a few pictures that overlap and then stitches them together and makes one huge consistent picture.
  • Scan Your Story with Doxie Flip
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Unique Removable Lid
  • Line Up Scans Perfectly
  • Transparent Scanning Window
  • Capturing Your History and Creativity
  • Ultra-Mobile Flatbed Scanner
  • Perfectly Designed For Photos, Memories
Canon CanoScan 9000F MKII Scanner
Canon CanoScan 9000F MKII Scanner

  • Canon Scan 9000F scanner has a variety of features and the ability to make high-quality digital copies. It has stylish design and convenient placement of buttons.
  • By this photos taken on film instead of digitally, this feature extremely useful. Scan a 35 mm film, you will need only 18 seconds of your time.
  • The photos will be at a resolution of up to 1200 dpi, which is quite clear. If you are scanning your average A4 sheet of paper at 300 dpi it will take 7 seconds.
  • You can digitalize all your family archive including the negatives for the photos that had faded with time
  • By use of Canon Cano Scan 9000F MKII Color Image Scanner, you can save your time. The photo has its own resolution that limits the options for scanning.
  • The negatives have higher contrast, so the image you obtain will come out much clearer.
  • This flatbed scanner is good enough not only for home but for office use too. It has features to scan and process the information and provide you some quality images.
  • Switching between options is really simple. We dug deeper and found the slide and film scanning feature.
  • Its built-in retouching technology delivers automatic correction to photos and film, removing much of the dust and scratches while restoring their color, all at the same time.
  • Zero Warm-Up Time
  • OS Compatibility
  • Super-Efficient White LEDs
  • Auto Scan Mode Automatically
  • Offers Lower Power Consumption
  • Handles Photo and Document Scanning
  • Organizes Your Files in a Simple and Friendly Way
  • Delivers Automatic Correction to Photos and Film
  • Removing Much of the Dust and Scratches
How to Use:

A flatbed scanner is a shallow rectangular box with a glass top and a light source inside. You place an archive on the glass and an instrument moves the light dynamically across the page while sensors catch the picture. These scanners are valuable for preparing a moderately modest number of pages all at once. When the document is set up and the cover is shut, a moving belt slides a light source across the whole surface of the report. The engine in a scanner is finely tuned to ensure this light source goes at a similar speed and makes a similar measure of light across the entire report, guaranteeing a uniform openness. The light beamed on the record at that point reflects once more into the machine and is reflected onto the focal point by a progression of mirrors.

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